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Bespoke Garments Offer New York Gentlemen a Perfect Fit

The term bespoke holds considerable weight in the fashion world. It signals the creation of a quality-made, custom garment. Unfortunately, many clothing companies use it incorrectly. Bespoke is not synonymous with made-to-measure, though some tailors will use the terms interchangeably. The truth is, bespoke garments are customized further than made-to-measure garments, focusing on details personalized right down to the pattern for the unique individual, quality fabrics from European mills, handsewn cuff button holes – the options are limitless. Bespoke is the process that requires precision, artful conception and extensive knowledge of the male physique. Any garment made by Barchi Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker is guaranteed to flatter a polished gentleman. Visit our showroom today to see samples of our shirting and suiting fabrics and begin the ultimate fashion experience.


What Makes a Bespoke Garment Better?

Though made-to-measure and bespoke clothing both offer a more personalized fit, you can’t match the custom-design of a true bespoke creation. The patterns are made from scratch, the fittings are frequent, and the style options are endless. The primary differences between made-to-order and bespoke are:

Exclusive Pattern Making

Though made-to-measure garments are tailored to fit the measurements of every individual, they still use a standardized pattern as a starting point, altering the standard pattern to meet the new measurements. Alternatively, bespoke garments are curated from a completely unique pattern. Mr. Barchi hand draws a new pattern for every bespoke garment made, taking into account specific measurements, to include the subtle slope of your shoulders, your posture, and overall build, which creates a more accurate, contoured, and balanced garment.

Multiple Fittings

A made-to-measure garment does not require fittings during the production process. Rather, a single appointment is made to take initial measurements, and a final fitting is completed after the garment is created. A bespoke suit will require multiple fittings as the garment is being made. With each fitting, the tailor builds on top of what they have already created, precisely fitting the garment to every nuance in the client's body shape.

Personal Meeting with the Tailor

With made-to-measure garments, your measurements are taken by a sales associate trained in this process. These measurements are then passed along to the master tailor who will use them to create your garment. Alternatively, during the design process of a bespoke garment, you will meet directly with the tailor who will be crafting your suit. When measurements are taken by the tailor himself, a better-fitting suit is created.

Visit Our Showroom Today

Start planning a truly one-of-a kind wardrobe with the help of Barchi Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker. The process begins with meeting the master tailor, Simon Barchi to discuss your fashion needs. Mr. Barchi will work with you to select garment details like buttons, fabrics, lapel styles, jacket style specifications and trousers. Whether you need a bespoke suit or shirt for a day at the office, charity benefit, a wedding, or vacation, Mr. Barchi will help you achieve the perfect mode that will have you feeling like the king of kings. Stop by our showroom today to get started.

Dress to Impress with Barchi Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker